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Panasonic HD-PLC 4 IP Core

HD-PLC4 IP core is IEEE 1901-2020 standard compliant and enables high-speed data transmission using existing metal cables, such as control lines, coaxial cables, and power lines.
HD-PLC4 technology is called Flexible Channel Wavelet (FCW). Based on the standard mode compatible with HD-PLC3, in the long-range mode, the bandwidth is divided into two or four channels by reducing the subcarrier spacing. It can achieve a 10km communication distance by combination with “HD-PLC Multi-hop”. On the other hand, in the high-speed mode, the bandwidth is 2 times or 4times by increasing the subcarrier spacing. It can achieve a maximum 1Gbps communication speed in the physical layer.
It is possible to switch between long-range mode and high-speed mode flexibly and it enables users to select the optimal mode according to transmission characteristics.


Item Specification
Type HD-PLC4 Complete/Multi-Hop
Frequency Band 2MHz - 100MHz
High-Speed Mode -
4 Times Bandwidth [PHY] Max. 1Gbps *Optional
2 Times Bandwidth [PHY] Max. 500Mbps *Optional
Standard Mode -
HD-PLC3 Compatible [PHY] Max. 250Mbps
Long-Range Mode -
Half Bandwidth About 1.5 Times Longer Than Standard Mode
Quarter Bandwidth About 2 Times Longer Than Standard Mode

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