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Toho Technology TH-PLC Series (Multi-Hop)

Toho Technology TH-PLC Series (Multi-Hop)

This is an industrial adapter that has the function of “HD-PLC Multi-hop”. It is limited to use in Japan, and TH-PLC-ACIM is an Indoor model and TH-PLC-ACOM is an Outdoor model. Note that in Japan, when used outdoors, the transmission power needs to be downed by 10 dB compared to when used indoors. 

When using this adapter, the data signal is transmitted on the power line.

VIDEO: Introduction of PLINE


Item Specification
Type HD-PLC3 Multi-Hop
Frequency Band 2MHz - 28MHz
Interface Ethernet
IP IPv4/IPv6
Supply Voltage AC100V/AC200V
Communication Speed  [UDP] Max. 35Mbps
Temperature -10℃ To 55℃
Max Connections To One Master 1024 Terminals

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