Introduction to HD-PLC™ What is HD-PLC™?

HD-PLC™ (hereinafter referred to as “HD-PLC”) * is the communication technology by using existing cable. You can use HD-PLC to construct a network for a low cost by using existing cables such as twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, powerline cable, etc… And you can improve your wired communication speed with this technology.

For example, if you want to construct a new network, Wireless and Ethernet are good candidates. However, there are some cases where the radio is unstable. Ethernet also costs money depending on the wiring inside the building and its distance.  Therefore, if this technology is used, it is possible to build a network by utilizing the existing lines in the building, and the cost can be reduced.

If you are using a narrow-band PLC, RS485, IEBus, or other wired communication, the HD-PLC can use that line as it is to achieve Mbps-order communication.

Why Use HD-PLC?

  • High Speed
    Faster than legacy wired communication(from a few Mbps to a few tens of Mbps)
  • Long Range
    Communication of several km is possible(with multihop function)
  • No New Cables
    No new cable is required because the existing cable is used
  • Lower Costs
    Reduce construction cost by utilizing existing cable
  • Higher Security
    Encryption with AES 128bit and dynamic change of modulation method according to transmission line characteristics
  • Higher Robustness
    Reed-Solomon and Viterbi concatenated code / LDPC-CC
  • Easy Installation
    It is also possible to connect the network by just plug-in

What HD-PLC Is Used for?

  • Building automation / Smart buildings
    HVAC, smart elevators, door security systems
  • Smart grids / Energy management
    Smart meters, microinverters, solar power generation, storage batteries, EVs
  • Smart cities
    Security camera systems smart street lights, digital signage
  • Lighting control
  • Smart factories
  • Intercom systems
  • Smart homes
  • Home appliances
  • Call button systems


Getting started as an HD-PLC product developer
Product manufacturers interested in creating products that work with HD-PLC can view more information on the evaluation kit page.

Getting Started with HD-PLC product

If you would like to know about HD-PLC products, please see the all product page.


HD-PLC is a technology that utilizes existing lines and can help you build your network. You can also increase the speed of existing wired communication

*HD-PLC™ is an abbreviation for High Definition Power line Communication, but it can also be used with other metal wires such as coaxial wire and twisted-pair wire.

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