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Takanori miyake
Takanori Miyake
President, HD-PLC Alliance

The role of information and communication which serves as the operational base of work-style reforms has grown in importance. The information and communication technology (ICT) field is full of technologies and applications that can be used. This includes broadband technologies, which have had widespread use, now followed by the expansion of optical networks and wireless technology.

The trend toward a ubiquitous society began with the complete stage of the culture of “IT introduction” but is currently progressing towards “IoT first.” This trend is predictive of digital transformation (DX), such as RPA and AI, which would allow humans to benefit more from the development of ICT, with important advantages such as the diversification of human life and the improvement of labor productivity. Under such circumstances, HD-PLC strives to achieve a “society that will integrate everyone and everything,” establish a “human-friendly” and “snuggling-up” network, and provide an environment that allows everyone to enjoy easy communication without the inconvenience or hassle of a device or wiring. HD-PLC is a high-speed power line communication system conforming to the IEEE 1901 Standard for Broadband over Power Line Networks.

HD-PLC Alliance was launched in September 2007 as a private organization with the aim of spreading and expanding HD-PLC and further improving communication compatibility between products adopting communications technology.

Today, you can see our many products adopting the HD-PLC technology. They are used on all kinds of wiring, including power lines, coaxial cables, and communication lines.
We have recently integrated the long distance technology into our products, which has extended our scope to social infrastructure and the IoT industrial field, in addition to our conventional market focusing on home use. This development has led to a rapid spread of our products.

We plan to be more aggressive in the deployment of our business in the future by increasing the communication distance and speed of HD-PLC . We will also develop by offering built-in HD-PLC modules and by collaborating with other communication organizations.

We aim to promote the sound development of the communication market through our international standardization activities. In this way, we hope to be able to continue to contribute to the advancement of broadband, IoT network, and digital transformation.
“Make dreams and wishes of our customers come true.”
We deeply appreciate your understanding and support of, and cooperative participation in, the activities of HD-PLC Alliance.

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