Case Study – Smart City


Network construction for control of streetlight


An embedded HD-PLC module with multi-hop technology enables cost reduction and long-range data transmission


Reduction of communication cost and efficient energy management

The social needs laying in the background

Networking of streetlights is required from the viewpoint of preventing the deterioration of public security by detecting the failure of the lights and energy management by ON-OFF control and dimming control of the lights.

The issue for networking of streetlights

When one company tried to install a wireless communication system such as 3G or 4G on individual streetlights, the communication cost increased according to the number of lights and the total cost became enormous. As an alternative, installing a new ethernet cable for communication required a lot of cost and man-hours.

HD-PLC achieved both cost reduction and long-range data transmission

3G or 4G system was installed only on the main control box and the streetlights under its control were built a network with HD-PLC multi-hop. A controller with an embedded HD-PLC module was installed in the streetlight and a local network was constructed with up to 60 streetlights that exist over a long-range. Since the communication cost was incurred only on the main control box, the cost of the entire system was able to be suppressed.

It had been installed in about 10,000 streetlights in South Korea by 2017.

It will be possible to install surveillance cameras and/or WiFi access points in the future.

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