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PLC (Power Line Communication) is a communication technology which enables the information to be carried over any wiring through out buildings, factories, homes, and cities.

HD-PLC™ (hereinafter referred to as “HD-PLC”) is an abbreviation for High Definition Power line Communication, originally a high-speed power line communication technology using Wavelet OFDM modulation / demodulation, but can also be used with other metal wires such as coaxial wire and twisted-pair wire. HD-PLC or HD-PLC mark is a registered trademark or trademark of Panasonic Corporation in Japan and in other countries. Learn more…

  1. Higher speed than narrowband PLC
  2. Longer range than other broadband PLC technologies
  3. Lower power consumption

HD-PLC establishes the high-speed LAN by using existing power-lines and wall-outlets. Without wiring LAN cables and with ease of setting up network security , you can enjoy easy and secured network.
Flexible deep notch and low sidelobe by using wavelet OFDM modulation.

Wireless LAN is said to have following cumbersome features; – Radio wave hardly propagates through reinforced-concrete and metal materials used for housing structure (ex. sound proof floor made of material/concrete which insulates floor vibration and sound. Sound-proof wall and heat insulator and plural number of doors are said to have radio-wave insulating function). Encryption setting is crucial for wireless communication to avoid tapping. To improve the user experience, PLC adaptor can be conveniently used for a situation where radio wave can hardly propagate and usable even without going through complicated encryption setting processes.