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please read carefully the followings before submitting your application form.

Fundamental requirements

  1. should be a legal body.
  2. should agree with the HD-PLC Alliance's targets and activities.

Followings are extracts of By-laws relevant to the membership requirements;

Promoter and its Affiliated Member

Promoter must meet all of the following items in addition to meeting the conditions, and shall be a corporate body that has been approved as a Promoter in the screening process conducted by the steering committee.  Its role shall be to actively participate in the promotion of the “HD-PLC” technology.

  1. Is a corporate body that has adopted and has commercialized or is planning commercialization of the "HD-PLC" technology?
  2. Is a corporate body determined by the Operations Committee to have technical expertise that will contribute to the promotion activities necessary for achieving the Association's purpose?

Ordinary and its Affiliated Member

An Ordinary Member must meet at least one of the following items and shall be a corporate body which has been approved as an Ordinary in a screening process conducted by the Operations Committee.
Its role shall be to provide support for the activities conducted by Promoters as much as possible.

  1. Is a corporate body that has adopted or is planning to adopt the "HD-PLC" technology?
  2. Is a corporate body that is considering the adoption of the "HD-PLC" technology?

How to enroll

  1. Admissions application (downloadable file): Send by mail, e-mail in PDF or FAX after filling in and placing the company seal. Please send the original copy when you send PDF or by FAX
     -  to register subsidiaries please fill in the addendum 1

    Mailing address

    HD-PLC Administration Office (HDPLCA)
    4-1-62 Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka, 812-8531 Japan
    TEL : +81-92-401-0131 / +81-92-477-1671
    FAX : +81-92-401-0131

    Application form:

    DOWNLOAD  (doc)  size:82KB

  2. After accepting your application form, you are notified the qualification conclusion within one month.
  3. After enrollment, you are requested to settle membership fees upon getting invoice.

Please contact administration office, when you have inquiries.

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Join HD-PLC Alliance

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