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Commercialization of a remote connection device that converts the HDMI connection of flat-screen TVs and DVD players using HD-PLC technology

Audiovox is an American company that develops and sells high-quality audio devices under the brand "Acoustic Research" in the USA and other countries. In October 2008, Audiovox released the HDP100 – a remote connection device for digital TVs with an in-built PLC module – in the domestic market.
The HDP100 converts transmission data from HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), which is the standard connection method for digital TV video/audio signals, to a signal that can be transmitted along power lines, using HD-PLC technology. Therefore, it is possible to transmit data by plugging in both the PLC Transmitter, with a digital TV tuner and DVD player connected by HDMI cable, and a PLC Receiver, with a TV connected by HDMI cable, to power sockets. This allows you to enjoy watching TV even if the digital TV tuner or DVD player from which the signal originates is in a separate location.

This product was developed, in particular, for people who live in large houses and people who want to attach their flat-screen TV to a wall. In the second instance, there is no need to locate a digital TV tuner or DVD player near the wall-mounted TV, which leaves the area around the TV uncluttered and saves space.

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