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Electric Car and Home Network Connected by HD-PLC

 CEATEC JAPAN 2008, an IT and electronics exhibition, was held in Chiba, Japan at the Makuhari Messe from September 30 to October 4, 2008. The HD-PLC Alliance, which under the concept of “green ubiquitous” is developing environmentally friendly technologies for home networks, streaming video, and electricity usage monitoring, showed off a prototype technology that connects an electric car with a home network via HD-PLC in order to demonstrate a new area where HD-PLC can make a difference. An electric car can be charged using AC power, and can be connected to an electrical outlet like any other home appliance. Being able to charge the car from an electrical outlet means that the home and car are physically connected. By embedding HD-PLC, the car becomes another member of the home network and has the possibility to create new value for both the car and the home.

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Viewing video from a camera in the car via a door phone

If, for example, a camera mounted in the car is connected with a door phone in the house through HD-PLC, the video transmission from the camera can be sent to a door phone in the home while the car is plugged in for charging. With the addition of a sensor in the camera, someone breaking into the car while it is parked can cause an alarm to ring and the door phone to display the video transmission, helping to prevent vandalism and other damage to the car.


Video from the camera in an electric car can be streamed to a door phone in the home over the power electric cable while the car is being charged.
(Note: In Japan, due to radio frequency laws, high-speed PLC can be used only indoor use.)

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Authentication Functions of HD-PLC for Security

As another benefit, the authentication features in HD-PLC can be used to prevent “electricity theft”. Should a car or device that is not registered be plugged in to the outdoor outlet, the HD-PLC authentication system will cut off electricity to the outdoor outlet and prevent electricity theft. Furthermore, the door phone can be used to monitor the charging status and can also sound an alarm should the power cable be suddenly unplugged.


Charging status can be checked at the door phone in the home, and an alarm can be sounded if the power cable is unplugged.

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Demonstration of the Merits of Connecting an Electric Car to a Home Network over HD-PLC

Monitoring the video feed from a camera mounted in the car and checking the charging status from a door phone, cutting off electricity to unauthenticated cars, sounding an alarm when the power cable is unplugged, and other benefits to using HD-PLC were demonstrated at CEATEC JAPAN 2008.
The electricity theft and video monitoring features can be utilized not only with electric cars, but also with "plug-in hybrids"—gasoline-electric hybrids—that can be charged using electricity from the home.


In Japan, due to radio frequency laws, high-speed PLC can be used only indoor use.

Reducing CO2 by Reducing Weight through Simplifying the Electrical Harness

In today’s automobiles, the increasing number of computer components means that an increasing number of communication cables are necessary. By replacing some of these cables with HD-PLC, the number of communication cables can be lowered, and the overall weight of the car can be reduced. Through this weight reduction, HD-PLC can be a big contributor to increased fuel efficiency and to reducing the environmental burden of automobiles.
In this way, the application of HD-PLC to automobiles can be expected to have a big impact in realizing the green ubiquitous society.

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