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The First HD-PLC Alliance General Meeting (July 2008)

On July 18, 2008, the HD-PLC Alliance’s first general meeting since its foundation was held at the Fukuoka branch of Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. (formerly, Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.) in Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City. The various companies that comprise the HD-PLC Alliance, which promotes the growth and increased compatibility of HD-PLC technology, exchanged views on topics such as future activities of the alliance and specific application examples.

 First, former HD-PLC Alliance president Mr. Eiji Kobayashi explained the activities of the alliance since its foundation in September 2007 and a number of future policies.
President Kobayashi’s proposal of working under the main concept of a ‘Green Ubiquitous’ society which allows ‘connecting to a network wherever you are’ while minimizing the environmental burden, was approved.
Also, he introduced the case of a junior high school that had saved the need for 600 m of LAN cabling by opting to use HD-PLC and the case of a ski resort that had used HD-PLC for security purposes. In both of these cases he showed that the use of HD-PLC is spreading to new areas outside of the traditional home environment.

The First HD-PLC Alliance01

President Kobayashi (the first president of the alliance) outlines the activities of 2007 and future policies.

 Further, as part of the international standardization of HD-PLC, an explanation was given on (1) the status of activities with IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), which is promoting the standardization of PLC specifications, and (2) the status of cooperation with the Chinese IT industry group, IGRS (Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing). IGRS is a government endorsed organization that draws up and promotes Chinese national standards, and has 132 members (as of May 2010) including major Chinese computer and home electronics manufacturers. It was shown that by affiliating with IGRS, it is possible to work together to make HD-PLC the standard specification of PLC communications in China.
After that, a technical seminar was held for participants of the meeting. Finally, a social gathering was held after the general meeting where views were exchanged between participant companies.

The First HD-PLC Alliance02

Alliance Technical Working Group Leader, Mr. Igata, leads a technical seminar at the general meeting.

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