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CES2008 「HD-PLC」Booth Report

UPDATE : 30 Jan, 08


International CES 2008
(Jan.7-10,2008 at the Las Vegas Convention Center)

At CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, HD-PLC held their own booth showcasing 64 products along with 34 HD-PLC member/ supportive companies.

The general view of the HD-PLC booth at CES 2008 with the HD-PLC shining brightly atop the booth area which is 2.5 times bigger than last year!

All of the HD-PLC adaptors can be seen at “Adaptor Corner.”

Typical home applications like video/IP audio transmissions are displayed beside the new applications like: home control and security.

New application corners like “B to B” gather many eager questions and interests.

HD-PLC hardware, built-in equipment, and application hardware can all be seen at the booth

A view of the stage show. Getting many viewers and occupying many aisles.

A show demonstrating how easy it is to connect PLC terminals and even combine with Z-wave!

HD-PLC would like to thank all of the exhibitors who teamed up with us to have such a successful demonstration.

CES2008 HD-PLC booth details can be viewed in the HD-PLC alliance member’s page (Video reports about Stage Shows and all of the exhibits at the each corner.)

Those who are willing to be enrolled in HD-PLC, please check Application form.

HD-PLC has plans to promote PLC products besides technology. Please be ready to watch our activities. Count on it!

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